KING PINO (XIAMEN) MACHINES CO.,LTD.

                      About Us

                      PINO was founded in 1988,and our headquarter is in Taiwan which was set up in 1978.In 1999,our factory was certified by ISO9001,and then set up PINO Machine Department. After several years development it became an advanced company which supplied facility, molds, technics, etc.

                      We employed lots of excellent workers to develop professional machine in order to reach our customers&rsquo different demands and supplied a series of services from casting bodys 3D pouring system design, CNC machining, assembling, debugging, to sand core mold and pouring mold .Until now we had developed hardware casting machine, hardware machining facility, kinds of gravity die casting machine, core blower machine, testing water machine, automatic core machine, sand mixer machine and so on.
                      At present, our products are mainly sent to China, America, Vietnam, Iran, Turkey, Asia District and some other countries. We are welcome by our customer from in and abroad country through our high quality, reasonable price, good service and innovative ideas.
                      We are looking forward to establishing a longterm business relationship with you in the near future.


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