KING PINO (XIAMEN) MACHINES CO.,LTD.

                      Technical Parameters:

                      1. Controlled by a PLC control unit. (Mitsubishi)

                      2. Running: Hydraulic transmission & water cooling system (A hydraulic master cylinder system can control three casting machine)

                      3 .Casting function: tilting moving casting, fixed tilting casting, horizontal casting

                      4. Casting speed & angle are adjustable. Size angle: 0-75℃

                      5. The time of cooling is adjustable

                      6. The size of die holder of fixed mold: 650*300*70mm

                      7. Max weight of mold: 200kg

                      8. Having safety footboard (the set to protect the operator)

                      9. Pump power: 7.5KW

                      10. Maximum of opening stroke distance: 400mm

                      11. Fixed plate spacing on both sides of the mold: 550mm

                      12. The pressure of engaging mold: 4200kg

                      13. Fuel tank capacity250L

                      14. The pressure of working oil40-50kg/cm2

                      15. Solid time is adjustable

                      16. The time of casting can be shown

                      17. The level of pouring package can be controlled

                      18. If the die temperature exceeds the limits, the mold cannot be engaged

                      19. The net weight of machine: 2500kg

                      20. Machine dimension: 2500mm*1500mm*1700mm

                      Gravity die casting machines PN2B650-65 Quote

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