KING PINO (XIAMEN) MACHINES CO.,LTD.

                      Item no: PN2B03B GRAVITY DIE CASTING MACHINE

                      Technical Parameters:

                      1. Controlled by a PLC control unit.

                      2. Have automatic detection, if occurs problems, it will show the problem by words

                      and color pictures on the touch screen which help users to find and solve the

                      problems very easily and quickly.

                      3. Running: Hydraulic Transmission.

                      4.The stir method of dipping tank: By vane electric machinery.

                      5. Casting Function: Side pouring, frontal pouring, Combined pouring

                      6.Casting speed & angle are adjustable. Size angle: 0-90 frontal angle 0-110, mold

                      steeping angle 0-90

                      7. Max. Mold diameter: 500mm

                      8. Max casting volume:150kg

                      9. The time & frequency of cooling can be set up individually.

                      10. Casting method: Automatic & Manual.

                      11. Ejection function (optional)

                      12. Having Safety footboard

                      13 .One cycle total time: 20-30 seconds.

                      14. Pump power: 3.75KW+0.75KW+0.75KW

                      15 .Dimensions (L*W*H) (1500*2400*1800)

                      Gravity die casting machines PN2B03B Quote

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