KING PINO (XIAMEN) MACHINES CO.,LTD.

                      PN6A02 thermostatic valve testing machine

                      Technical parameter(comply with European standard):

                      1、Controlled by PLC control unit, show data by touching screen.

                      2、Running: Gas transmission& motor

                      3、Print testing data& curve figure

                      4、Three tanks


                      6、Voltage:380V.3 phases 5 lines,50HZ

                      7 、Inlet temperature can be adjustable(automatic changing inlet temperature

                      during testing)

                      8 、Inlet pressure can be adjustable(automatic changing inlet pressure during


                      9、Cold water separate testing

                      10、Leaktightness of interlayer between cold water& hot water

                      11、Two places for testing workpieces

                      12、Temperature testing& flow testing for water-outlet

                      13、Show disqualification items automatically

                      14、Automatically cleaning rudimental water inside product by gas after testing

                      Thermostatic valve testing machine PN6A02 Quote

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