KING PINO (XIAMEN) MACHINES CO.,LTD.

                      Item: PN05A-32 Clearing Machine

                      Technical parameters:

                      1. Production efficiency(kg/h):600-1200

                      2. Unit weight(kg):10

                      3. Max. clearing weight(kg):200

                      4. The quantity of clearing surface of products(kg/min):120

                      5. Diameter of the round tray(mm): ∮650

                      6. Available capacity(m3):0.15

                      7. Machine’s power(kw):12.6

                      8. Dimension(L×W×H):3681×1650×3600

                      This kind of machine is suitable for hardware products’ the surface’s clearing of casting& forging

                      products. Applying for different production scale, own advanced design, logical structure, lower

                      wasting energy, higher efficiency, etc

                      Surface treatment machine PN05A-32 Quote

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