KING PINO (XIAMEN) MACHINES CO.,LTD.

                      Item no: PN2B03B-IID GRAVITY DIE CASTING MACHINE

                      Technical Parameters:

                      1. Controlled by a SIEMENS PLC control unit. It has automatic detection, if occurs

                      problem, it will display on the touch screen by words and color pictures.

                      2. Running: Hydraulic Transmission.

                      3 .The stir method of dipping tank: By vane electric machinery.

                      4. Casting Function: Side pouring, frontal pouring, Combined pouring

                      5. Casting speed & angle are adjustable. Size angle: 0-90 frontal angle 0-110, mold

                      steeping angle 0-90

                      6. Max. Mold diameter: 500mm

                      7 Max casting volume:200kg

                      8. The time & frequency of cooling can be set up individually.

                      9. Casting method: Automatic & Manual.

                      10. Ejection function & core-pulling function (adjustable distance & speed of the

                      ejection & core-pulling; adjustable different phases)

                      11. Having Safety footboard(protection device for operator)

                      12.Install 4 pieces of cooling pipes for water-cooling inside dipping tank.

                      13.Temperature controlling system for dipping tank liquid (optional)

                      14 .One cycle total time: 20-30 seconds.

                      15. Pump power: 3.75KW+0.75KW+0.75KW

                      16 .dimensions (L*W*H) (1500*2400*1800)MM

                      Gravity die casting machine PN2B03B-IID Quote

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