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                      Large engraving and milling machine series, used in bathroom, decorations, parts and other processing industry preferred models.

                      The three-axis adopts high-precision ball guide rail, which quickly displaces 48m, which greatly accelerates speed and saves non-machining time. Extended working design, can clamp multiple workpiece positions at the same time, the spindle adopts multi-head high-power electric spindle, can process multiple workpieces at the same time, high speed and high efficiency. The headstock adopts the design of the flat street mechanism of the gas counterweight to ensure the high speed and stability of the headstock.

                      The Z-axis buys four guide rails to increase the number of sliders, the force is more uniform, and the structure is more reasonable; The electric spindle adopts flange connection, which more accurately guarantees the question distance of the similar spindle, so as to ensure the similarity of the processed parts.

                      Two. parameter

                      1. Working valley size: 1820*450mm

                      2. T-slot (number, slot width * spacing): 3-18*130mm

                      3. Large load of workbench service (average distribution): 500kg

                      4. Three-axis stroke 600*500*500mm

                      5. Spindle nose end to work surface: 90-650mm

                      6. Distance from the center of the spindle to the column guide surface: 585mm

                      7. Spindle cone hole (model/installation size): electric spindle-R32 chuck form

                      8. Spindle speed: standard 18000rpm

                      9. Number of tools: no tool magazine 8/electric spindle

                      10. Maximum diameter of available tools: 2-20mm

                      11. Three-axis fast feeding speed: 48/48/48m

                      12. Cutting feed speed: 0-10000mm

                      13. Set accuracy: ±0.005/300mm

                      14. Repeat accuracy: ±0.005/300mm

                      15. Main and auxiliary drive motor: 8*5.5kw

                      16. Three-shaft drive motor: 5.5*4.9*3.6kw

                      17. Total weight (approx.): 6000kg

                      18. Land area: 3400*2600*3000mm

                      Drilling and tapping machine PN08B-8Z Quote

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