KING PINO (XIAMEN) MACHINES CO.,LTD.

                      1. Device: PLC control.

                      2 Operation: hydraulic system transmission, (1 hydraulic main pump system can control 3 pouring machines), hydraulic main pump power of 11KW; equipped with water cooler system, system oil temperature detection, liquid level detection, return oil negative pressure detection, and water inlet temperature detection of cooler.

                      3. Casting function: 1. Pour into, 2. Fixed, 3. oblique injection, 4. inclined parts, 5. inclined injection.

                      4. Adjustable casting speed: the inclined casting Angle can be set from-10 degrees-120 degrees

                      5. Angle: horizontal 0 degrees, tilt 90 degrees, two choices; upper module.

                      (When the mode is opened, the lower module starts the top out synchronously, and brings the workpiece to the upper module again).

                      6. Mold cooling and heating.(The mold device and parts are supplied by the customer).

                      7. Size of mold fixed seat: 800 * 400 * 60mm, (with 5 groove of pressing plate groove).

                      8. Maximum weight of the mold: 800kg.

                      9. Maximum mold stroke: 450mm.

                      10. Maximum spacing between both sides of the mold fixed plate: 730mm.

                      11. Minimum spacing between both sides of the mold fixing plate: 280m.

                      12. Die closing force: 6,300 k g

                      13. Neutron (core pumping): there are four ways that can work independently or successively or simultaneously, (the oil cylinder connected to the mold is supplied by the customer himself).

                      14. Curing time: Adjustable.

                      15. Casting process time can be displayed.

                      16. The mold temperature can be set at the upper and lower limits. When the mold temperature exceeds the upper and lower limits, the mold cannot be closed for the next cycle action, or the action is not controlled by the mold temperature.

                      17. Net weight of the equipment: about 4,800 k g.

                      18. Machine specification: 2996mm * 2282mm * 2150mm (use space).(Equipment height is 3,071 m m when the workbench rotates to 90 degrees)

                      Gravity die casting machine PN2B650-80AS Quote

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