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                      Item no: PN2B650-ZX-12 GRAVITY DIE CASTING MACHINE FOR


                      Technical Parameters:

                      1. Controlled by PLC control unit. (Mitsubishi)

                      2. Running: Hydraulic transmission & water cooling system (A hydraulic master

                      cylinder system can control three casting machines)

                      3. Casting function: tilting moving casting, fixed tilting casting, fixed horizontal


                      4.Mold close & open have speed reduction function

                      5. Casting speed & time are adjustable, size angle: 0-85 degrees

                      6. Casting piece picking angle: two choices, Horizontal 0 degree & Tilt 85

                      degrees.When mold is open, the down mold starts to eject, working together with

                      upper mold so that work piece can be taken out easily.

                      7. The time of cooling mold is adjustable. Zone cooling with 6 air ports

                      8. The size of die holder of fixed mold: 1000*600*80mm(5 pressure plate


                      9. Max weight of mold: 1800kg

                      10. Power: 11KW

                      11. Max engaging distance: 700mm

                      12. The max space between the fixing board of the mold: 1000mm

                      13. The min space between the fixing board of the mold: 500mm

                      14 Solid time are adjustable

                      15. The time of casting can be shown

                      16. If the die temperature exceeds the limits, the mold can not be engaged.

                      17. Have water cooling piping system, upper and lower mold with one water inlet and

                      outlet each, (equipment entering and leaving water source and connecting water pipe

                      with mould is provided by customer)

                      18.Have heating device system( The die connection line and the heating pipe are

                      prepared by the customer), There are four groups of heating modes, which can be

                      divided into four sections (total power 40000W)

                      19.. The net weight of machine: around 4800kg

                      20. Machine dimension: 4060mm*2120mm*1950mm

                      Gravity die casting machine PN2B650-ZX Quote

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