KING PINO (XIAMEN) MACHINES CO.,LTD.

                      Electric Furnace for melting aluminum PN3A21L-60

                      1.    Rated Voltage: Three phase

                      2.    Frequency: 50HZ

                      3.    Rated Temperature: Room Temperature∽850℃

                      4.    rated power.: 60KW

                      5.    Furnaces Dimensions(outside): diameter ? 1350mm×height1130mm(excluding the height of cover)

                      6.    crucible size: diameter?620mm * height700mm

                      7.    Heating component : High-resistance Nickel chromium Alloy Wire, material: OCr27Al7MO2

                      8.    wiring methods: 3 Resistance wire, Y type connection method

                      9.    Max loading: aluminum liquid 300 KG/furnace

                      10. Melting rate: (hot furnace)75KG/h

                      11. accuracy of temperature controlled: ±3℃

                      12. weight: about 1650kg

                      Electric furnace PN3A-LI Quote

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