KING PINO (XIAMEN) MACHINES CO.,LTD.

                      I.   Overview

                      The machine is suitable for machining products, three axes with high precision roller guide, fast feed 48m to facilitate better processing space advantages. The machine is equipped with a disc type tool magazine (24T) and a direct connected spindle, which has the same function as a drilling and tapping machine, greatly improving the machining efficiency.

                      The z-axis is designed without counterweight and is equipped with a high power brake servo motor to improve the stability of the z-axis and to achieve high speed and high efficiency and the best surface finish.

                      -Optimum bed mechanism design, able to withstand the inertia generated by high intensity machining, sturdy and stable.

                      II. Parameters

                      1.Table size:1000*500mm

                      2. T-sugar (number - slot width - spacing): 5-18*105mm

                      3. Maximum table load (average distribution): 500kg

                      4.Three axis travel:800*500*500

                      5. Spindle nose to working surface: 90-650mm (150-720mm higher)

                      6.Distance from spindle centre to column guide surface:585mm

                      7.Spindle taper hole (type/installation size):BT40

                      8.Spindle speed:12000rpm as standard

                      9.Number of tools:24T

                      9.Maximum available tool diameter 90/160mm full/next to empty

                      10.Max. tool length:200/250mm bucket/disc

                      11.Max. tool weight: 8kg

                      12.Three axis rapid feed speed:48/48/48m

                      13 Cutting feed speed:0-10000mm

                      14.Positioning accuracy:±0.005/300mm

                      15.Repeat positioning accuracy:±0.005/300mm

                      16.Spindle drive motor:7.5kw

                      17Three axis drive motor:3/2/2kw

                      18. Floor space (length, width and height) 2500*2600*2400mm

                      19.Machine weight (approx.):5000kg

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