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                      I. Overview

                      The machine is suitable for mould processing, using three-dimensional modeling and FEN optimization design, wide bed, wide column structure, high quality "Meehaner" process precision casting, multiple human.

                      Ageing treatment, strong shock absorption, excellent rigidity of the machine; guide rails adopt the design principle of gram inclusion narrow guide, quenching and grinding, hardness up to HRC52, with friction paste wear-resistant piece and fine scraping, significantly reduce the friction of the guide rails to avoid low-speed crawling, improve the accuracy of machine movement; centralized lubrication system adopts the inter-song electric oil supply system, periodical quantitative oil supply to the lubrication points, so that the friction surface to form and Maintain the right amount of lubricating oil film.

                      II. Parameters

                      1. Table size: 1050*500mm

                      2. T-slot (number - slot width - spacing): 3-18/150mm

                      3. Maximum table load (average distribution): 600kg

                      4.Three axis travel:800*500*550mm

                      5.Spindle nose to table surface:105-655mm

                      6.Spindle centre to column:550mm

                      7.Spindle dimensional hole (type/installation size):BT40/150mm

                      8.Spindle speed:8000(standard/10000/12000)

                      9.Number of tools:16/20/24

                      10.Max. tool diameter available:90(full tool state)160(adjacent empty tool state)mm

                      11. Max. tool length: 200 for bucket type/250 for disc type

                      12. Max. tool weight: 8kg

                      13.Three axes rapid displacement:16/16/14m

                      14.Cutting feed speed:0-8000mm

                      15.Positioning accuracy:±0.008/300mm

                      16.Repeat positioning accuracy:±0.005/300mm

                      17.Spindle drive motor:5.517.5kw

                      18.Three axis drive motor:(X/Y/Z)2/2/2kw

                      19.Floor space(L-WH):2700*2500*2700mm

                      20.Machine weight (approx.):6000kg

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                      Two lines and one hard rail processing machine PN08J-CH850 Quote

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