KING PINO (XIAMEN) MACHINES CO.,LTD.

                      Suitable for the bathroom, automobile and motorcycle parts, decorative items, parts drilling and tapping industries.

                      1.Table size:700*420mm

                      2. T-slot (number - width - spacing): 3-18/125mm

                      3. Maximum table load (average distribution): 300kg

                      4.Three axis travel:600*400*320mm

                      5. Spindle nose to table surface: 150-630mm

                      6.Spindle centre to column:450mm

                      7.Spindle specification:BT30

                      8.Spindle speed:10000rpm

                      9.Tool magazine:16T

                      10.Fourth axis: optional (170)

                      13.Rapid traverse rate:36000mm/min

                      14.Cutting feed rate:0-10000mm/min

                      15.Positioning accuracy:JIS±0.005/300mm

                      16. Repeat positioning accuracy: JIS±0.005/300mm

                      17.Spindle drive motor: 5.5kw

                      Drilling and tapping machine PN08J-CZ-640 Quote

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