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                      The machine is suitable for the bathroom, automobile and motorcycle parts, decorations, parts drilling and tapping industries.

                      The machine adopts HUST system, the human-machine interface adopts 8" colour LCD display, it can freely design a simple (LCD) screen display editing system, easy to learn, and can choose PC screen display editing software, easy to monitor or check the program; through the RS232 interface of the computer, the program can be transferred and executed by PC (while transferring) or directly through the USB for transmission; processing parts Clamping using hydraulic vise, easy clamping, repeat positioning, high precision, cooling blowing and vise together with the workpiece at the same time displacement; the whole tracking mode drilling tapping perfect combination, the tooth depth is accurate and fast; using fully enclosed protective cover with automatic left pull door, easy to operate, waterproof effect safety is good, with spiral chip removal system to achieve timely and convenient chip removal; each lubrication surface using automatic lubrication pump device to ensure The spindle adopts power rotating turret, which can be customized with 8 or 12 spindles, and the positioning locking mechanism of the power turret adopts hydraulic gear plate locking mechanism, which makes the processing more stable and the positioning accuracy more accurate; the Y, X and Z axes are all controlled by servo motors and CNC system, and the accuracy compensation is implemented to achieve better processing accuracy.

                      1. Three axes travel (X/Y/Z): 400*300*300mm

                      2. Spindle taper hole: ER40mm

                      3. Maximum spindle speed: 10~3000R/min

                      4.Number of turret axes:12pcs

                      5.Turret accuracy:±0.008

                      6. Rapid traverse rate(x/y/z):20m/min

                      7.15.Positioning accuracy(x/y/z):JIS±0.008

                      8.Repeat positioning accuracy(x/y/z):JIS±0.008

                      9.Max. stranded hole:∮50

                      10.Max. tapping:M45

                      11.Spindle drive motor: 5.5kw

                      12.Three axis drive motor:(X/Y/Z)1.5/1.5/2.0kw

                      13.Fourth axis: using hydraulic vise

                      14.Fourth axis disc diameter: 160mm

                      15. Fourth axis centre height: 130mm

                      16. Fourth axis hydraulic vise stroke: 150mm

                      19. Floor space (L-W-H):2300*1900*1900mm

                      20.Weight of the machine (approx.):3000kg

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                      Horizontal composite special processing machine PN08H-12Z Quote

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