KING PINO (XIAMEN) MACHINES CO.,LTD.

                      Suitable for batch requirements processing, drilling, tooth attack completed at one time, high efficiency, sliding using high frequency fire, with lubrication, better performance, the workbench left and right use of cylinder and with stage flushing, small vibration, using pneumatic head mold, install clip fast hold.

                      1. Maximum boring diameter: 50mm

                      2. Maximum attack tooth diameter: M45

                      3. Main shaft motor drilling: 3kw / 4P

                      4. Attack the teeth: 2.2kw / 6p

                      5. Net weight, 1,300 k g

                      6. Spindle hole taper: BT40

                      7. Speed drilling: 790-1200 / min

                      8. Attack the teeth at 380-550 / min

                      9. Main pumping trip: 140mmmm

                      10. Longitudinal travel distance of the workbench: 130mn

                      11. Transverse of 255mm

                      12. Lift trip of the work table: 320mm

                      Horizontal composite special processing machine PN08H-2Z-95 Quote

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